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Orifice Plate & Accesories Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Orifice Plate

Orifice plate is one of several types of primary elements used in fluid flow measurement, along with other similar flow meters (venturi nozzle, etc.) they share the same Bernoulli’s principle which relates the differential pressure across the said element and the flow rate of the flowing fluid.

As the name suggests, orifice plate itself usually comes in circular form, a thin plate with a calculated-diameter hole in it.

The principle of the method of the measurement is based on the installation of the orifice plate into a pipeline in which a fluid is running full. The presence of the orifice plate causes a static pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the plate. And deriving from Bernoulli’s equation, one can extract the relationship between the differential pressure and the flow rate of the fluid inside the pipe.

Orifice-based flow measurement can be used in almost any industries, we can measure the flow rate of either liquid, gas or steam as long as a permanent pressure drop is not an issue.

deeFLO Orifice Plate

a. Material

Our orifice plates are manufactured with selected materials in order to provide customer with high-quality products. We have the following types of materials in our stock: SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L and PVDF. Other material shall be available on request.

b. Manufacturing

We manufacture our plates precisely to make sure that customer gets the accurate units.

Bore diameter is normally calculated and approved prior to manufacturing process but we also accept custom requests from customer. Outer dimeter of the plate is suited to match the corresponding flanges.

Appropriate drain or vent holes can also be machined if required. These holes are machined at the top or bottom of the plates, which is tangent to a circle equal to 98% of the line inside diameter.

Drain hole itself is located at the bottom side of the plate to prevent liquids in gas flow or condensate in steam flow from damming up behind orifice plate. While vent hole is located at the top of the orifice plate to allow gasses in liquid flow to vent pass the orifice plate.

In order to get a neat and clean-looking plate, tab handle is laser welded to the orifice plate. The function of the tab handle is to provide user with plate identification as it will be stamped with the following information

  • deeFLO brand name
  • tag number
  • bore size
  • beta ratio
  • line size / rating

c. Delivery Time

Normally it takes us approximately 1 – 2 weeks to manufacture standard orifice plate, counting starts after receiving a confirmation on sizing results and technical drawings.

Orifice Flange

We can supply customer with orifice flanges as well.

Sourced from a high quality manufacturer, we can offer customer ASME B16.36 flanges complete with the accessories, including ½” NPT Tap Holes, Jack Screw Assembly, Bolt & Nuts and suitable CAF, Asbestos-Free Gaskets.

A105 Carbon Steel is common material for this type of flange, but we can also offer you the ones made of Stainless Steel.

This version of flange is available from the size of 2” 300# and larger.

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